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Our Hong Kong Production Studio

The Collar Seasons tailoring production studio uses a blend of modern facilities and experienced tailors to achieve efficiency without sacrificing individual quality and customization. We are probably the most modernized tailoring shirt production studio based in Hong Kong with 100% local production staff. While factory registration No. 41584 also means we fully comply with Hong Kong and international standards in terms of labour and equipment safety, labour law requirements, and well operates under Hong Kong Labour Department and Hong Kong Customs supervision.

From individualized computer pattern making, imported shirt interlining fusing and stitching facilities, o digital monogram embroidery, every aspect of creating and crafting our shirts is made-to-order inside our fully owned exclusive production studio.

Collars and cuffs of your shirts are fused here with the latest model brand new fusing machine from Germany. We are confident to offer customer assurance of 12 month collars and cuffs bubbling free with sincere operations and controls.

In our studio we blend the merits of traditional and technology knowhow to make a tailoring garment that defined by up-to-date market needs with customer satisfaction at first ranked priority.

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Collar Seasons opened its first shirts and suits made-to-measure shop in 1996 here in Hong Kong. We began with the mandate of achieving the premier quality in custom tailored needs for both men and ladies. The quality of our garments is secured in our own in-house production studio here in Hong Kong. With over 30,000 new and repeat customers served, we can honestly say we have lived up to our direction with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship.

We build a trusting and lasting relationship with every order we take at Collar Seasons. More than 60% of our new customers are referrals from those repeat customers. We are honored that our clients trust us with their own as well as their friends’ and networks’ tailoring needs.


Our Brand Values

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Hong Kong Based Production

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Customer Driven

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Innovation from Quality Traditions

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Human & Ecological Balance

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Local Employment Opportunities


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Collar Seasons – 留守香港的量身定制橋頭堡

Collar Seasons - 留守香港的量身定制橋頭堡 9


現在,Bespoke Tailoring再度流行, 一般講求的賣點,往往就是貼身、再貼身。事實上,一件舒適稱身的服飾,加上個人化的風格、布料選擇、以至仔細的配料搭檔,才是Bespoke Tailoring恰如其分的定義。然而,市場競價激烈,品質很容易被捨棄 ,加上都市人居住空間狹隘,又過著種種形式繁忙的生活,化纖布、免燙布自然成為現今的王道。說到底,誰有閒情把衣服燙得筆直挺身?但有一間西裝訂製專門店,堅持以舒適全羊毛、全綿的布料為主流,告訴你 追求這種舒適並不是繁囂生活裡的一份奢華,而是你值得擁有的生活品味,燙衣服也可以是生活裡的點滴。

成立於1996年的Collar Seasons,見證著近代香港裁縫業的迅速變遷。「她與他」兩位創辦人,手執著穿梭時空的針與線,在時代巨輪的滾動中,緊捉著品質與品味的要求,憑著留守香港、堅持本地製造的信念,一件件手工製的西裝及恤衫,從自家工作室裡誕生。

Collar Seasons位於九龍東的工作室,麻雀雖小,五臟俱全。尖沙咀店面接過訂單後,由紙樣製作、裁剪、車縫、打鈕、到包裝等工序,全在這數千呎工廈工作室內完成。最令人嘖嘖稱奇的是, Collar Seasons 並不拘泥於裁縫傳統,突破了上海工和廣東工各自的框架,更告別了「一個人,全件起」的省時省力做法,改用製衣業才採用的團隊分科生產模式。眾所週知,這種生產模式只能減低大型工廠的生產成本,應用在小規模工作室倒不划算,掣肘亦多。一件Collar Seasons的量身定制恤衫,眼見最少經過數十個大大小小的工序才能完成,而每個分科後的工序,均由七、八十年代已投身香港製衣業的老師傅或嫻熟車工負責,他們擅長於不同專業領域,各司其職,為的目的只有一個,就是令每個工序出品更仔細、更精準。

一件量身定制的雙紗全綿恤衫才賣幾百元,背後卻有這樣的要求和心意,這種質與價的「錯配」,就是Collar Seasons引以自豪的堅持。