Fit ,Bottom & Sleeve

If the fit determines the overall shirt appearance and comfortability, bottom style choice is then something a bit more personal, no matter to wear tucked or untucked. Long sleeves are always popular for all seasons. But if you don’t have a short sleeve shirt in wardrobe yet, maybe you should think about it. Sometimes to wear short sleeve shirts casual is simply cozy and cool.

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Slim Fit

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Long Sleeve

Short Sleeve (Plain)

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Straight (with vents)

Straight (without vents)


From casual button down to business wide spread, or back to the soft classic young collars, let the most distinguished handpicked styles speaks for your taste and needs.

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Button-down Classic

Semi-spread Classic

Business Spread

Wide-spread Curved

Cut-away Extreme

Soft Edge

Soft Modern

Soft Club

Mandarin Advanced

Wing Collar

Collar Stiffness:
Collar Stay:


Single or double with different closure cuts are the origins of cuff style variations. More offers here are our new signature charms. They give your shirt collections an unusual highlight on your wrist or watches you are wearing.

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Single Button Rounded

Double Button Rounded

Single Button Bevelled

Double Button Bevelle

Single Button Straight

Single Button Straight

Double Button Straight

Single Curved Angled

French Cuff Rounded

French Cuff Squared

French Cuff Bevelled

Cuff Stiffness:


With or without placket is a matter of private interest. A proper fused placket always looks smart and classic on dress shirts, while without placket should give you more wearing comfort and goes an impression of slanted causal.

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With Placket

Without Placket

Hidden Buttons

Pocket & backdetails

Recent trend tells us shirts are more tended to make without pockets. Certainly you should choose to have one if you find it useful.
Back details are mainly functional options. Back darts give a tapered shirt with slim look, regardless you are muscular or bellied. On the contrary, the added pleats at center or both sides can let your arms move more free. But rarely customers will have both pleats and darts on the same shirt.

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Square Cut

Round Cut

Angle cut

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No Back Details

Center Pleats

Side Pleats

Back Darts

Fabrics Contrast

Some shirt lovers do like their shirts always be plain and simple. If you are one of those you can click “Next” and skip below fabric contrast options. Still it may also be interesting occasionally to have your shirts being less monotonous. Here you can select contrast fabrics for some or all of the shirt main fabrics chosen and decide on the positions you would like to apply.

Shirt(s) you need Contrast Fabrics

Main fabrics

Contrast fabrics

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Parts and Positions to Contrast


As Default

Inner Collarband

Under Collar

Whole Collar

3mm Piping


As Default

Inner Cuff

Whole Collar


As Default

Inside fastening

Button Placket


Our Collar Seasons white and grey signature buttons are the most expected conventional choices among our customers. If you want additional color and trims details on your personalized shirts, you can choose more from our button options.
Tips: Most customers will decide on this together with contrast fabrics chosen, and the button and buttonhole threads.


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Best Match

button 2

button 3

button 4

button 5

button 6

button 7

button 8

button 9

button 10

button threads

Button and buttonhole thread colours are matched to the main fabric and buttons of your shirts in most cases. Or should you need something different and appealing, please pick the color shown at wish.
Tips: You may also consider the color of buttons and contrast fabrics you choose when you decide on this option.


Select Button Threads

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buttonthreads 1

buttonthreads 2

buttonthreads 3

buttonthreads 4

buttonthreads 5

buttonthreads 6

buttonthreads 7

buttonthreads 8

buttonthreads 9

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button hole threads 1

button hole threads 2

button hole threads 3

button hole threads 4

button hole threads 5

button hole threads 6

button hole threads 7

button hole threads 8

button hole threads 9

(OPTIONAL at HKD30 / Shirt)

Collar Seasons is probably the unique tailor in the territory with self-developed monogram designs for you. Here we present a fine collection of selected monogram types, all based on our shop customers’ favorable hot picks. Both main and contrast fabrics of your choice are shown below for your ease to choose monogram colors. Go “Next” straight if you don’t need monograms.
*Please note that if you select more than one shirt to be monogrammed, the monogram color can vary for individual shirt, while monogram type, text, and placement would be the same for shirts to apply.

Monogram Types

Font 1

Font 2

Font 3

Font 4

Font 5

Font 6


*Maximum 6 characters


Shirt(s) you need Monograms

Select Monogram Color

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color 1

color 2

color 3

color 4

color 5

color 6

color 7

color 8

color 9

Main fabrics


Contrast fabrics


The character & spacing is not displayed in exact scale. Our monogramming technician will adjust to suit each text needs.


Your shirt customization is almost complete here. Just take a final look of your shirt option and style choices and change if needed before your move to the cart.

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contrast fabrics
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Button threads: Best match
Button hole threads: Best match
button 1
Text: Heelo
Position: Left Chest or Pocket corner

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